ViaLite Communications – RF over Fiber

RF over fiber links: 0-10km, 50km and up to 400km. L-Band HTS, Broadcast, GPS
and more. Industry-leading 5-year product warranty and ultra-wide dynamic range.

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Strong Presence for ViaLite at the Spring Trade Shows

ViaLite has been attracting plenty of attention at a number of trade shows around the world this spring. March saw a return to…

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ViaLite Supports Fiber-Span Customers

A Fortune 500 company has purchased ViaLite GPS RF over fiber links to directly replace the links it had from Fiber-Span. The company decided to…

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TV Coverage of Australian Sailing Races made Possible with ViaLite Fiber Links

Spectacular coverage of the Match Cup Australia sailing regatta this March was provided by Red Handed TV with the help...

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